2012 NEBAALAS Bylaws

03/06/2013 6:29 PM | Deleted user

Dear NEBAALAS Members,

Your NEBAALAS board has been working on updating our 40 year old bylaws. This process has taken a fair amount of time and effort on our part to make changes that we feel are very important to the branch as a whole.   These changes will enable us to grow and offer you, our members, unique opportunities for specialized training.

Please note that the specific changes are

1)        The Addition of the Vice President Elect Position.
The Executive Committee will now consist of the Treasurer, Secretary, Past President, President, President Elect is now Vice President and new is the Vice President elect.  Running for President is now a 4 year commitment which will enable stability and continuity of the Board.

2)        We have changed from a Calendar year to an Academic year calendar.
In place of starting new offices and meeting in January, We will conduct business from September 1 through August 31st.

3)        We have added an article for an Ad-hoc committee

We ask you as members to please review these new bylaws and vote whether or not we should initiate these into policy.

Thank You
Warren E. Ball


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