Message From AALAS: Time To Act

04/15/2014 12:20 PM | Deleted user
Time to Act

Animal rights groups have pressured nearly all large commercial air carriers from shipping nonhuman primates (NHP) for research purposes. As of this writing, Air France is the ONLY  airline shipping NHPs for research. Despite continued targeting and mounting pressure from animal activists, Air France remains committed to supporting biomedical research to advance human and animal health by continuing to transport these important research animals. Their statement can be found here.    

Now it's time for all of us in biomedical research to be heard. Even if you don't personally do research involving NHPs, as a member of the research community, you have a stake in the outcome of this campaign. Our collective voices make a difference and will help to bolster Air France's resolve in the face of increased targeting from activist groups.  

Please take one minute of your time to thank Air France by signing the petition here
. Your information will not be made public. 

Please read the letter to learn more about this issue, and then sign the petition.


We thank you very much for your assistance.
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