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  • 07/21/2014 7:21 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    We invite you to participate in a voluntary survey about workplace training and education preferences in the Laboratory Animal Science (LAS) community.

    This survey seeks to identify preferences with regard to workplace training and education from those working in, and alongside, the field of LAS. Information gathered from this survey will be used to supplement a presentation at the 2014 National American Association for Laboratory Animal Science (AALAS) meeting in October and possibly utilized in future publication.


    This twenty-one (21) question survey asks for opinions on technical as well as interpersonal training along with some general demographic information so that trends can be analyzed.

    Participation in this survey is voluntary and all survey responses are anonymous. It will take under 15 minutes to complete the survey.


    Please click the following link to participate: copy and paste into your browser). You may also forward this survey link to colleagues who would be interested in participating.

    While you are completing the survey, hover your mouse cursor over words that are shaded, underlined, or that you’d like clarity on - definitions and/or examples will be displayed for you.


  • 07/15/2014 7:23 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)


    Here is the link to a children's TV special that discusses the use of animals in research. 

    It features Dr. Cindy Buckmaster (2013 March NEBAALAS speaker and incoming AALAS president) and reveals some of the truths about animal research in a balanced discussion. 

  • 06/25/2014 9:01 AM | Deleted user
    The popular children's educational TV channel, Nickelodeon, will soon air a special episode -  "Animal Rights...Or Wrongs?" on its "Nick News with Linda Ellerbee" program.

     "Nick News" is a highly rated and recognized program for children and teenagers alike, discussing important social, political and economic issues in a format intended for both children and adults.


    This special episode is scheduled to present a balanced look at the pros and cons of working with animals in research.  It's being promoted as a show about hard choices.


    AALAS Vice-President, Cindy Buckmaster, was interviewed to present the "pros" of animal research, along with 10 year old acquired aplastic anemia survivor, Liviya Anderson, (daughter of AALAS member, Brian Anderson). 


    What's even more exciting?  Baylor College of Medicine allowed the "Nick News" crew to film animals in the vivarium, along with a mouse model of Alzheimer's disease performing a memory task in the lab! This is the first time this level of transparency has been shared with children on an international children's TV network!


    MARK YOUR CALENDAR TO WATCH - Tuesday, July 1 at 8:00 pm ET(7pm CT/5pm Pacific)!  


    The program will also be available for viewing the following day, July 2, on their website at

  • 04/15/2014 12:20 PM | Deleted user
    Time to Act

    Animal rights groups have pressured nearly all large commercial air carriers from shipping nonhuman primates (NHP) for research purposes. As of this writing, Air France is the ONLY  airline shipping NHPs for research. Despite continued targeting and mounting pressure from animal activists, Air France remains committed to supporting biomedical research to advance human and animal health by continuing to transport these important research animals. Their statement can be found here.    

    Now it's time for all of us in biomedical research to be heard. Even if you don't personally do research involving NHPs, as a member of the research community, you have a stake in the outcome of this campaign. Our collective voices make a difference and will help to bolster Air France's resolve in the face of increased targeting from activist groups.  

    Please take one minute of your time to thank Air France by signing the petition here
    . Your information will not be made public. 

    Please read the letter to learn more about this issue, and then sign the petition.


    We thank you very much for your assistance.
  • 04/14/2014 9:59 AM | Deleted user
    And the winner is... Jessica DeSantis from Harvard! Congratulations Jessica!
  • 09/09/2013 3:58 PM | Deleted user
    The New England Branch of AALAS invites you to vote in the 1993 revised NEBAALAS Constitution. This election runs until 12:00 am on November 04, 2013 Eastern Time (US &amp; Canada).

    The new Constitution can be viewed here:
    Revised Constitution

    Voting will take place using Electionbuddy and be sent out to all current members via email. If you have any issues receiving this email please contact: Lynne Walsh (
  • 03/06/2013 6:29 PM | Deleted user

    Dear NEBAALAS Members,

    Your NEBAALAS board has been working on updating our 40 year old bylaws. This process has taken a fair amount of time and effort on our part to make changes that we feel are very important to the branch as a whole.   These changes will enable us to grow and offer you, our members, unique opportunities for specialized training.

    Please note that the specific changes are

    1)        The Addition of the Vice President Elect Position.
    The Executive Committee will now consist of the Treasurer, Secretary, Past President, President, President Elect is now Vice President and new is the Vice President elect.  Running for President is now a 4 year commitment which will enable stability and continuity of the Board.

    2)        We have changed from a Calendar year to an Academic year calendar.
    In place of starting new offices and meeting in January, We will conduct business from September 1 through August 31st.

    3)        We have added an article for an Ad-hoc committee

    We ask you as members to please review these new bylaws and vote whether or not we should initiate these into policy.

    Thank You
    Warren E. Ball

    2013 BYLAWS

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