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During this time of increased social and professional distancing, it’s so important to remain connected to sources of support and encouragement.  That’s why MSMR in partnership with the NEBAALAS - is offering LAB CHAT CAFÉS, virtual free weekly café discussion forums centered around the unique challenges that our industry is currently facing.

Call it a socially distanced water cooler conversation. We all have a strong desire to learn from professionals in our field and connect with like-minded people … our virtual meeting cafés will encourage you to interact and create a shared vision and a set of guiding principles for how we all will evolve during this time. We’ll chat about tips to stay healthy and engaged from Life Science professionals within our industry. 

Don’t miss this unique chance to connect in new and exciting ways. These virtual café meetings will never replace our face to face, BUT they are an effective way to get our community together – and an opportunity to build engagement, confidence and openness among our members during this time.

THURSDAY, MAY 14, 2020    4:00 PM                        



Building on Andy’s overall framework on managing the “fishtank©”, Genny’s  Lab Chat Café will explore how to manage some of that excess stress, grief and compassion fatigue that is building from the stressors of the COVID19 situation. Feelings associated with compassion fatigue and grief have become a growing concern for laboratory animal professionals in recent years, but, now, during the COVID-19 pandemic we are faced with unprecedented circumstances. Additionally, the “social distancing” rules can exacerbate feelings associated with grief and loss, as well as isolation. Please join us for this Lab Chat Café - connect with your peers, share your stories and let your voice be heard.

ABOUT GENNY … She has been working in Laboratory Animal Science for over two decades. She is a compassion fatigue educator and certified pet bereavement counselor, and uses those skills to help fellow laboratory animal professionals address the emotional aspects of working with research animals.


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THURSDAY, MAY 21, 2020      4:00 PM                       
JENNIFER CAMACHO, AAB, LVT, RLATg, CMAR, Environmental Enrichment Program Manager
Massachusetts General Hospital , Center for Comparative Medicine

The response to Covid-19 has created unique challenges for everyone around this world and specifically in the lab animal industry. While methods of responding to these challenges may vary, many institutions are experiencing; culling of animals, decreased staff presence, and reduced research/operations to allow staff to shorten workloads allowing staff to keep safe and to respond to personal challenges. During times when work is prioritized it is not uncommon for enrichment to be considered “extra” and not conducted if time does not allow. But it especially now, that the animals need the enrichment the most. Less activity in the facilities means less to keep animals occupied, less eyes on them to identify early issues and staff, when present may be undergoing stress that can be perceived by the animals.  Enrichment is not only beneficial to the animals, but also for the human caretakers. It can be uplifting during troubling times and can make being at work with so many uncertainty’s a better experience.

This conversation is going to look at the specific challenges related to the Covid-19 response that may be affecting the laboratory animals and how through enrichment we can act preventatively to provide care for our animals and ourselves. 

ABOUT JENN Jennifer Camacho, LVT, RLATG, CMAR, AAB is the Environmental Enrichment Program Manager for the Massachusetts General Hospital. She is a graduate SUNY Delhi with a bachelor’s degree in Veterinary Technology | Management, and is certified as an Applied Animal Behaviorist from the University of Washington. She has 20 years of experience in the laboratory animal field and has contributed to the industry; having organized enrichment symposiums, through presentations and authoring of publications related to animal enrichment, behavior management and social housing.


THURSDAY, JUNE 4, 2020       4:00 PM
ERIN SPOFFORD, BS, LAT, SRT, Scientist, LAR, Merck Research Laboratories - Boston              

The focus on individual goals of functional teams and/or therapeutic areas is very motivating and powerful; but this intense focus may inadvertently create distance between groups.  As communication between groups breaks down, researchers may become disconnected to other resources and expertise, missing collaborative opportunities to improve workflows and efficiencies that may meet goals faster while maintaining the highest of animal welfare standards. We sought out to restore and foster collaboration and communication by creating a platform in which people from different therapeutic areas can come together to learn about the one common bond that likely brought them to science in the first place; innovation!

ABOUT ERIN Erin Spofford B.S., LAT, SRT, has 14 years of preclinical research experience at Merck, Novartis and Charles River. A proud alumnus of Mount Ida College, she graduated with honors earning her bachelor’s degree in veterinary technology. Currently a scientist at Merck, she has a diverse background in biomedical experimentation, study coordination, surgery and model development, novel technical procedure development and implementation, veterinary care, welfare advocate and a passion for innovation.


THURSDAY, JUNE 11, 2020     4:00 PM                     
ROBERT TAFT, PhD, Senior Services Program Manager, The Jackson Laboratory

Many organizations impacted by COVID-19 are now planning how to reopen and resume research. While there will be many challenges, there will also be opportunities. The objective of this talk is to discuss those opportunities and how we can use them to improve research using mice, including improving resiliency while reducing cost and animal use.

ABOUT ROB Dr. Taft earned his Ph.D. in Reproductive Physiology from West Virginia University in 1999 before coming to the Jackson Laboratory to pursue postdoctoral training with Dr. John Eppig.  Dr. Taft’s focus is on the development and application of new technologies for creating and managing mouse models. In addition to his research experience, Dr. Taft has considerable leadership and administrative experience as PI on multiple grants as well as from developing and leading a 65 person unit supporting repository and service activities. Dr. Taft’s work has led to publication, patents and the development of more than 20 products and services provided by the Jackson Laboratory, demonstrating his interest is seeing basic research findings translated into solutions that help the research community operate more efficiently and effectively.


THURSDAY, JUNE 18, 2020     4:00 PM                     
GORDON YEE, Marketing Director, ANCARE


You’re are a wedding, a neighborhood party, a bar, etc., and you’ve met some new folks. Then, the question comes up:  “So - what do you do?”

What do you tell them? That you work at a university/hospital? You work in a lab? That you’re a veterinarian or technician?  Maybe it’s time to just go ahead and say it…

“I work in Lab Animal Research!”

Chances are that they either support research or are at least willing to learn more. If they are willing to learn more, then you can be the one to teach them! All that you need to do is be ready to answer the 3 most common questions.

Gordon spent the first half of his career on the Light Side of animal research, working as a Lab Animal Technician throughout several facilities in Montreal, Canada. In 1999, he came to the Dark Side, as the Canadian Sales Representative for Ancare. In 2008 he became their Marketing Director.

He is an avid public speaker and member of Toastmasters, he has spoken at several conferences and symposia, including ILAM, LAMA, several AALAS branches and CALAS events. He is a Past President of CALAS and currently sits as the Chair of the ILAM Committee. In his free time, he even likes to compete at public speaking!


How to Feel Better In Uncertain Times Webinar: 

Hosted by: 

Julie Squires

Certified Compassion Fatigue Specialist

Certified Life Coach

Rekindle, LLC

There's a lot happening all around us right now. In the world and in the lab animal industry. It's creating a lot of stress, overwhelm, grief and uncertainty.

It's important to remember what we can and can't control. We can control ourselves, what we think and feel and how we behave. Let's start there.

Join me for a webinar created to give you specific tools for how to manage what you can right now, yourself.

View Webinar Here!

    From all of us at NEBAALAS Thank you for providing these great webinars for our members!

    Thank you everyone for your kindness and... - Leys Institute ...

    *All dates and venues subject to change see event descriptions as they are posted.


    COVID-19 Message:

    NEBAALAS Members,


    Earlier last week The Commonwealth of Massachusetts issued an emergency order requiring all businesses and organizations that do not provide "COVID-19 Essential Services" to close their physical workplaces and facilities to workers, customers and the public. As such, NEBAALAS will be honoring the "Safer at Home" initiatives, helping to flatten the curve, and not be holding any in person meetings until this emergency order is lifted. 

    Moreover, we recognize that many of our members are considered essential workers and in the midst of contending with our workplace contingency plans. Please know that the NEBAALAS BOD cares about you and your animals. Thanks you for being the HEROES that you are, and thank you for being our animals’ spokespersons! From our home locations, the NEBAALAS BOD will strive to assist our members as best we can during these turbulent and uncertain times.

     We wish you well in your endeavors and remember your NEBAALAS community wants to provide professional support as we are able to.  You can reach us at




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