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Upcoming Meetings
  • Feb 22nd: Broad Institute
  • Mar 22nd: Bay State
  • April 19th: Broad Institute
  • May 17th: TBD
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Happy Tech Week! 
1/29/18 - 2/2/18


APRIL 27, 2018



Boston, MA

Subject: We are seeking colorful and informative posters covering aspects of enrichment used with any laboratory animal species. Accepted posters will be displayed at the TENTH Annual MSMR Enrichment Symposium: All Creatures Big and Small ... Animal Enrichment in a Laboratory Environment on April 27, 2018.

The poster award recipient(s) will demonstrate how (a) enrichment concepts are utilized, (b) living environments are enhanced, (c) research is positively impacted with welfare improvements, and/or (d) stress is reduced in the laboratory animals. This critical information must be conveyed in a clear, concise and professional manner. The poster cannot be for commercial advertisement or soliciting sales of a product.

Poster Size: 2’ x 3’ Submit as PDFs: winners will be asked to provide a version mounted on foam board for display at the Symposium

Submission details: Posters should be submitted as PDF files in two versions: one version with all author and contact information and one blind judging version without any author or contact information.  Deadline for submission is March 23, 2018.

Email your PDFs as attachments to msmrposters@msmr.org.

In the body of the e-mail include your name, institution, telephone number and poster title as well as your collaborators' names, titles, and institutions.

Posters will be judged on the following criteria:

·     Relevance 

·     Does the enrichment promote species appropriate behavior, improved welfare, and/or better understanding of behavior?

·     Metrics

·     Are metrics available to support the findings?

·     Impact & Innovation

·     What is the overall future or continuing impact on the broader scientific community of the innovations and/or efforts? Are the data novel; does this work contribute to basic knowledge of animal behavior/welfare?

·     Potential for broad adoption

·     Can the enrichment be widely adopted?

·     Technical Spec: Here are the required* and suggested elements for your poster -

·     Title*

·     Authors*

·     Institutional Affiliation*

·     Abstract - a brief abstract, up to 200 words*

·     Background (if applicable)

·     Materials and Methods (if applicable) If your poster is about construction of a novel device, please be sure to include pictures of the device!

·     Results

·     Conclusions*

·     References (if applicable)

Submission deadline: March 23, 2018

Notification: Applicants will be notified of acceptance by e-mail. Accepted posters will be displayed at the Enrichment Symposium.

The poster award recipient will receive a certificate and a $250 honorarium, generously donated by BioServ.

Attendance and Display

2018, at the Boston PARK PLAZA AND BRING YOUR POSTER WITH YOU 2X3 MOUNTED ON FOAM BOARD FOR DISPLAY. This Symposium is offered at no charge to MSMR members; non-members - if your poster is accepted, the first author is also invited to attend at no charge.

Questions: Send questions to lynne.walsh@msmr.org


This year MSMR Will CELEBRATE the TENTH ANNUAL Enrichment Symposium at the BOSTON PARK PLAZA located at 50 Park Plaza at Arlington Street!

On THURSDAY, APRIL 26, 2018 ...

We will hold THREE 1/2 day workshops 1 PM - 5 PM




and on 
FRIDAY, APRIL 27, 2018 ... we will hold the FULL day Symposium!

n addition to a series of expert presentations and vendor exhibits on Friday, April 27th the symposium will feature a poster session supported by BioSERV with a certificate and $250 honorarium for the poster winner.

ALL CREATURES BIG & SMALL ... Enrichment for Laboratory Animals!

Our MSMR ENRICHMENT keynote speaker for 2018, Dr. Frans B. M. de Waal is a Dutch/American biologist and primatologist known for his work on the behavior and social intelligence of primates. His first book, Chimpanzee Politics (1982) compared the schmoozing and scheming of chimpanzees involved in power struggles with that of human politicians. Ever since, de Waal has drawn parallels between primate and human behavior, from peacemaking and morality to culture. His scientific work has been published in hundreds of technical articles in journals such as Science, Nature, Scientific American, and outlets specialized in animal behavior. His popular books - translated into twenty languages - have made him one of the world's most visible primatologists. His latest books are The Age of Empathy (2009), and The Bonobo and the Atheist (2013). Two recent edited volumes are The Primate Mind (2012) and Evolved Morality(2014). De Waal is C. H. Candler Professor in the Psychology Department of Emory University and Director of the Living Links Center at the Yerkes National Primate Research Center, in Atlanta, Georgia. Since 2013, he is a Distinguished Professor (Universiteitshoogleraar) at Utrecht University. He has been elected to the (US) National Academy of Sciences, the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, and the Royal Dutch Academy of Sciences. In 2007, he was selected by Time as one of The Worlds' 100 Most Influential People Today, and in 2011 by Discover as among 47 (all time) Great Minds of Science. Being editor-in-chief of the journal Behaviour,  de Waal has stepped in the footsteps of Niko Tinbergen, one of the founders of ethology. His latest research concerns empathy and cooperation, inequity aversion and social cognition in chimpanzees, bonobos, and other species. He and his students have pioneered studies on how behavior is culturally transmitted in the primates, whether elephants recognize themselves in mirrors, how primates react to unequal reward divisions, how well primates spontaneously cooperate, and whether bonobo orphans are as emotionally affected by their trauma as human orphans.


Our goal is to introduce NEW ENRICHMENT IDEAS and TRAINING, VENDOR EXHIBITS, guest speakers and recognized experts in the field of Laboratory Animal Enrichment, TRAINING and BEHAVIOR!

November Meeting:

Q: That time of year again?

A: What is the NEBAALAS Tech Challenge!


The Starr Center at Schepens/MGH

20 Staniford St

Boston, MA

Come test your laboratory animal knowledge in a jeopardy-style contest with and against your peers! 

There will be six (6) teams with up to six (6) people per team going head to head answering questions at the ALAT, LAT, and LATG level. This event is geared towards TECHNICIANS; please no managers/vets/supervisors, etc.

Prizes awarded for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place teams!

1st place: 1-yr NEBAALAS membership, $50 gift certificate, the coveted Golden Turkey

Image result for golden turkey

2nd place: 1-yr NEBAALAS membership, $25 gift certificate

Image result for Gift Card

3rd place: 1-yr NEBAALAS membership

Image result for free membership

You must be a CURRENT member of NEBAALAS to play on a team

(But feel free to join before registering!)

If you are interested in registering a team please email Katie Allen at kathryn.allen@intelliatx.com or call at 857-706-1094. You will need to have a team name as well as the first and last names of the members on the team. 


Tech Challenge Raffle 


  All Expenses Paid to the 2018 QUAD SYMPOSIUM

            Sponsored by:  

Total MRO

Trip Includes:

  2 Nights Stay @ Foxwoods Hotel-Casino & QUAD Registration Fees!  

    Eligibility To Win:

            Must be PRESENT at the November 2017 Tech Challenge NEBAALAS Meeting!!
       Must be a Cage Wash Technician, Animal Care Technician or Veterinary Technician (No Supervisors or Managers are eligible to win) 
      Must be a current NEBAALAS member.

      Drawing will be held during

      November 2017 NEBAALAS Tech Challenge Meeting!

      Come and win a FREE TRIP-No cost to enter raffle!  

      Congratulations to NEBAALAS’s 2017 VP-elect Matthew Flegal!

      Matt Flegal has been our Program Chair/Co-Chair for several years.

      We are very excited that he will be serving as VP-elect this coming year!

      District 1 Training Wet-LabLearn to intubate rats, suture, and more!

      Wet-lab will be led by Melissa M. Haskell DVM, DABT,  Irina Toore MS, and Krista Bigiarelli BS, RLATG of Kent Scientific. 

      Image result for cute rat pictures free clip art 

      Day will include a morning snack and a lunch break. 

      Aug 04, 2017

      10:00am - 4:00pm

      Yale University

      Registration: $65

       Register Here!

      Fundamentals of Research Surgery for Technicians 12-Week Course!

      Interested in getting an ALAAS or Academy of Surgical Research Certification, or just want to expand your knowledge of research surgery? This 12-Week course will provide students with the fundamentals of surgical research, and will allow technicians to better troubleshoot problems, develop high quality procedures, and generate better data while providing more humane care to their research subjects. Topics will include anesthesia, analgesia monitoring, aseptic technique, basic surgical technique, post-operative care and assessments, and closure methods!


      Day: Wednesday

      Time: 2:30pm-3:30pm

      Start Date: July 12th, 2017

      Where: Biogen, 125 Broadway, Cambridge MA

      Duration: 12 Weeks

      Instructor: Matt Flegal


      Max Limit: 14 People

      Registration Opens: 6/26/2017

      Cost: $100 per person

      If you have any questions about attendance and membership please either post on the site discussion board or email us at info.nebaalas@gmail.com

      Image result for Scott Pharma Solutions

      We are saddened to announce that Jim Scott, Sr, has passed away. Jim was very active in the early days of NEBAALAS. Below is a letter from his son, along with a link to his obituary.

      Dear Friends,

      It saddens me to inform you that my dad, Jim Scott, Sr. passed away peacefully on April 21 at the age of 91.

      As many of you know he owned Old Mother Hubbard - Wellness Pet Food Co. along with Scott’s Distributing from 1961 until his retirement in 2008.

      He loved our lab industry and it was always the main topic of our conversations at lunch. He was interested in knowing what’s new in the business and how all of you were. It made him very happy when Scott’s Distributing merged with PharmaServ and became ScottPharma Solutions in 2016.

      Jim will be truly missed by his family, friends and business associates.


      Tom Scott

      President ScottPharma Solutions

      His obituary link is below.


      May Monthly Meeting

      Maximize Your Talent, Create Opportunities!

      May 25, 2017

      Event Page

      Join us for a fun night of networking and learning new skills in career development! The speaker of the evening is William Singleton, DVM, of ACTS Training who will talk about "maximizing your talent". 

      The nights events are as follows:

      5:00PM: Social Hour

      6:00PM: Talk by William Singleton on how to "Maximize Your Talent, Create Opportunities"

      Breakout sessions on resume writing, interview practice and a round table discussion on career development.



      Registration Closed

      Related image

      Registration for the Introduction to Rodent Surgical Principles and Techniques Wet Lab is now closed. Thank you for registering, we will see you on 4/27/2017!

      Next session planned for 5/30/17. Check back on 5/24/17 for more details and registration.

      Rodent Surgical 
      Principles and Techniques 

      Wet Lab


      Image result for surgical science

      This wet lab will provide attendees an overview of the following:

      1. Aseptic Technique
      2. Instrument Handling
      3. Incision Methods
      4. Suturing and Alternative Closures
      5. Dissection and Tissue Handling

      Previous handling is recommended.


      Attendance is limited to 5 People 

      Registration Opens on 4/14/17

      Cost is $50 per person.

      If you have questions about attendance and membership please contact: info.nebaalas@gmail.com

      Attendees must wear a pair of closed toed shoes NOT worn in any other vivarium.

      Please make sure payment for this wet lab has been made prior to arrival. If you have not paid you MUST bring your payment in the form of cash or check or you will not be permitted to attend.



      16 Divinity Ave

      Cambridge, MA


      Take the Red Line to the Harvard Square stop. Walk through Harvard Yard and down Divinity Ave one block. The Biolabs Buidling is the large brick building on your right, just a six minute walk from Harvard Square.  


      Driving directions to the Biolabs, 16 Divinity Ave, Cambridge, MA from Biolabs, 16 Divinity Ave 


      Harvard Parking on Site for a fee, metered parking on the streets around the site and public parking in Harvard Square.

      Mouse Model Generation using CRISPR/Cas Technology

      April 20th, 2017

      Event Page

      Come join us for a fun filled night! We will start off with a networking social hour, followed by a presentation by Michael Walden on CRISPR/Cas Technologies.

      Image result for crispr technology


      • 3:30 – 5:00 Board Meeting – please join us!!
      • 5:00 – 6:00 Networking/Social Hour
      • 6:00-7:00 Mouse Model Generation using CRISPR/Cas Technology by Jackson Laboratories Michael Walden, Opportunity Development Manager


      Becker College

      Borger Academic Center

      Science Lecture Hall Room 108

      Leicester, MA 01524

      Campus Map

      Save the Date!

      COST: $100 per course 
      NEBAALAS Members ONLY
      (check payable to NEBAALAS or pay online)
      DAY / TIME: Mondays 4:30pm – 6:30pm (Time changed) (except Tuesday 4/18, Thursday 4/27 and Tuesday 5/30).
      CLASS STARTS: Monday April 3rd, 2017
      Mass General Hospital
      185 Cambridge Street
      Room 3110
      Boston, MA
      DURATION: 13 Weeks
      INSTRUCTOR: Angie Heiser

      Please sign in with Security &

      wait in lobby for escort to 3rd floor

      If you have any questions or to put your name on the enrollment list, please contact:
      Angie Heiser
      617-643-4572 Office Phone

      DAY / TIME: Tuesdays 4:00pm – 6:00pm
      CLASS STARTS: Tuesday April 4th, 2017 (Start delayed one week)
      Intellia Therapeutics
      40 Erie Street
      Room 1330, 1st Floor
      Cambridge, MA
      DURATION: 14 Weeks
      INSTRUCTOR: Katie Allen as wellas various guest instructors

      There is free parking on Waverly St. at the corner of Waverly and Erie

      If you have any questions or to put your name on the enrollment list, please contact:
      Katie Allen

      857-706-1094 (Office)
      617-510-7722 (Cell)

      DAY / TIME: Wednesdays 4:00pm - 6:00pm
      CLASS STARTS: Wednesday 3/22/17
      WHERE: Novartis
                    250 Massachusetts Ave Room 1A-160
                    Cambridge, MA

                    1st Floor
      DURATION: 12 Weeks
      INSTRUCTOR: Dotty Paquin

      ***2007 LATG Book version (reprinted 2012) will be used***

      If you have any questions or to put your name on the enrollment list, please contact:
      Dotty Paquin
      Phone: +1 617 460 4276 (c)


      A certificate will be given to each student at the completion of the course (minimum attendance – 10 classes to receive certificate)

      It will be helpful if during this class, you have access to the following references:
           1). AALAS ALAT Training Manual
           2). AALAS ALAT Work Book
           3). Guide for the Care and Use of Lab Animals
           1). AALAS LAT Training Manual
           2). AALAS LAT Work Book
           3). Guide for the Care and Use of Lab Animals
           1). AALAS LATG Training Manual (2007 version)
           2). AALAS LATG Work Book (2007 version)
           3). Guide for the Care and Use of Lab Animals

      a proud sponsor of the AALAS Learning Library.  Shaping the future leaders of Lab Animal Science. 

      Brian Gallagher
      Vice-President, Sales 
      In NY:


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